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TeensTARGETED Youth Sports League is a local co-ed sports program for young people in the Cumberland County, TN and surrounding areas. Operated by TeensTARGETED, a non-profit Christian youth organization founded in 2011 to provide encouraging community-centric programs for youth. We are thankful to have an experienced leadership and coaching staff all certified through NAYS (the National Alliance for Youth Sports). Every coach, volunteer, and leadership personal go through an extensive vetting process that includes background checks and a review of their past youth mentoring experience. Our goal is to provide players and their families a safe environment with quality coaching; allowing players to learn new skills and discover their value in the community and in the Kingdom of God.

Our Faith-based Program

When many people hear that we are a faith-based program; they often fear that their child(ren) will have to participate in a Bible curriculum in addition to playing on their team. This is not the case with TTYSL. Our players and their families do not have to be Christian or involved with any faith community. We accept anyone. We feel it is our responsibility to provide a safe and friendly environment that your child(ren) can play and enjoy sports. We do not force our beliefs on anyone, but do encourage everyone to experience a relationship with Jesus. We are not connected with any Church or denomination and this program was not created for the purpose of converting people. We provide optional programs for youth and their families that are more spiritually focused and would love to see you get involved in those, if interested! Give us the opportunity to share our faith with you in a friendly and in a non-threatening/loving way!

Take a chance to review our beliefs.

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